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Campania Terra Felix

Campania is Terra Felix, i.e. fertile soil where plant biodiversity finds full bloom.
The millenary enological history of Campania is at the basis of the richness of the current ampelographic heritage: recent studies have highlighted the presence in the regional territory of over 100 varieties of vines, a very high number not found in any other wine production area.

The territory, however, in addition to the varietal breadth, is also characterized by a great multiplicity of environments suited to the cultivation of vines, each with specific connotations, capable of inducing characteristics of quality and typicality of the wines produced.


Native environments and vines: this combination is the basis of the success of Campania wines.

Phlegraean Fields
Burning land

We are at the gates of the Underworld, according to Greek mythology; in the land that burns, although its craters are filled with water and its banks welcome a paradise lost vegetation.



The experience of the divinity of light and darkness hovers in anyone who circumnavigates Lake Averno and tries to look at the mythological body of water. Phlegrean Fields, a burning land of volcanic origin, is a land of charm where time, history, myth, poetry, natural beauty are combined and an inexhaustible source for archeology enthusiasts.


Due to the mild climate and the fertility of the soil, the “burning lands” attracted populations who settled here since ancient times, starting with Greek colonists from nearby Ischia, followed by Etruscans, Samnites and Romans. And it was precisely during the Roman era that Pozzuoli, Baia, Cuma and Miseno had their maximum splendour.

Amphitheatres, thermal baths, pagan and Christian temples tell of history and legends here: choose to visit the Sibyl’s cave, Lake Averno, the Mirabile Pool or the stone on which Bishop Gennaro, today Patron of Naples, was beheaded.



But red is not only that of the “holy blood” as Per’e’Palummo is the master, together with the renowned Falanghina. And, as Dante rightly says, regarding the light of the place: “every feeling conquered me”.

Four estates, one great love
Campi Flegrei

Astroni Vineyards

The Astroni’s vineyard is located close to the homonymous crater, on the border with the eighteenth-century Bourbon boundary wall erected by Charles of Bourbon in defense of his personal hunting reserve, today a natural oasis managed by the WWF.

Camaldoli Estate

Tenuta Camaldoli, is located on the southern slope of the Camaldoli hill, and entirely contained in the municipality of Naples. The vineyard is mainly made up of Piedirosso grapes arranged on several terraces and covers about 3 hectares.

Jossa Estate

The idea came to life in 2012 with the acquisition of the estate of about 3 hectares.

This project condenses all the experience and the viticultural and agronomic study gained over the last 20 years.

Imperatrice Vineyard

The Imperatrice vineyard is located in front of Vigna Astroni.

The vineyard, made up exclusively of Falanghina grapes, faces south and extends for about 2.8 hectares at an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level