The ASTRONI project comes to life
by the will of the Varchetta's family


Memory is an essential value for those who put their roots in the land. The Varchetta family has been making wine for over a hundred years and has always placed attention to the territory at the base of their work without ever losing sight how important pleasure is.


In was in 1892 when Vincenzo Varchetta decided to strengthen his wine making activity. He was convinced that the time was right to transform the pleasure of producing wine into a thriving business. A decisive contribution was made by his son Giovanni, who , after returning home from the Second World War, managed to concretely transform his father’s dreams into reality. “Don Giovanni”, expert in every aspect of Campania vineyards, instilled in his children and grandchildren all his passion and expertise that he had accumulated over the years.


With a history expanding over four generations, the family founded the Astroni Winery in 1999, engaging in a project to protect and enhance Campania ampelography and offering an oenology of strong traditions enriched by modern cultivation and vinification techniques.



The ASTRONI WINERY was born in Phlegrean Fields.

The winery is located on the outer slopes of the Astroni crater between Naples and Pozzuoli. Once the private hunting grounds for the Bourbons, today it is a State Nature Reserve managed by WWF Italy.


In this corner of a unique land kissed by the sea, inspired by the volcanic fire, and embraced by myths, the ASTRONI WINERY is committed to safeguard, enhance and promote the great enoic heritage handed down by our ancestors. Thanks to a visceral relationship with the land and the support of key enological innovations, the winery produces wines that are able to recount the territory from which they originate in every glass. The focus is mainly on pre phylloxera native vines (ungrafted): Campi Flegrei dop Falanghina and Piedirosso.


Today Astroni Winery’s commitment is increasingly directed towards disseminating and promoting the work, tradition and culture of the territory and man. Over the last several years, the winery has also launched a project to promote the area through art, communication and education.


The ASTRONI WINERY today is not only the art of producing wine but also culture and hospitality.

Educational tours, guided tours and tastings, wine and food events, exhibitions and lectures are just some of the activities promoted and implemented at the winery and are an integral part of our wine tourism and cultural offerings.


The Astroni Winery’s mission is the enhancement of native varieties through the preservation of biodiversity and protection of wine traditions of the territory, a theme of topical and great interest in view of environmental protection.

In recent years, the winery has been devoting a large amount of effort into the reconversion and protection of the territory. New vineyards have been added to those already present. Every year is a new beginning, a new search for higher and higher quality. The primary goal is continuous research of the untapped potential of Falanghina and Piedirosso of Phlegrean Fields.

Astroni Winery’s path, therefore, is towards constantly elevating Campania viticulture, especially in Phlegrean Fields, expressing refinement and elegance and maintaining its spirit and original purpose.


The roots of our organization is in the land and in man, believing that these are the basic elements of healthy business growth in terms of organization, quality and design.

Producing a good wine does not only depend on the high quality of the grapes, the weather conditions and the vineyards. It also – and perhaps above all – depends on a group of people and qualified technicians who, in an environment where professionalism, sharing, healthy partnerships, and familiarity are able to communicate in an ethical manner and sustain the setting that hosts them, interpreting the raw material well, transforming it into a high quality product.

Here growers, laborers, bestowers (historical and selected), wine cellar, logistics and office personnel, winemakers, agronomists, marketing and quality control staff are constantly trying, with dignity and enthusiasm, to improve the quality of their work.

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