Tenuta Jossa

“Tenuta Jossa” is produced from the grapes of this vineyard

The idea came to life in 2012 with the acquisition of the estate of about 3 hectares. This project condenses all the experience and the viticultural and agronomic study gained over the last 20 years.


About 50% of the property is cultivated with white grape varieties, the remaining 50% with red grapes. The topographic reference is 40° 52 06.9 N; 14° 10 11.3 E. In the highest area, about 243 m a.s.l. and with the best exposure, there are 4 plains, 3 of which are planted with vineyards in Piedirosso and the smallest in Sciascinoso.

The vines derive from our massal selection, the orientation of the rows is South – South West, with a planting layout of 135 x 180, trained with the double inverted system.


In the lower area, starting from an altitude of 220 m a.s.l., the 6 terraces of Falanghina begin, one of which is destined for Fiano always deriving from our massal selection, which decline up to an altitude of 200 m a.s.l.

The North-South orientation of the rows arranged in a unilateral guyot system with a 90 x 170 plant layout.


The soils of this hilly area are characterized predominantly by the pedogenetic evolution of the deposits of past eruptions on the underlying yellow tuff.

Vineyard and terraces with sandy soils, rich in pumice and tuff, located on the Metropolitan Park on the hills of Naples.

"Tenuta Jossa" is produced from the grapes of this vineyard

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