Colle Rotondella


Colle Rotondella Piedirosso Campi Flegrei dop


Piedirosso, also known as Per ‘e Palummo because during the maturation, the original biotype stem turns a red color which is similar to a pigeon’s leg.

It is a typical Campanian or even better, Neapolitan vine because it is mainly widespread in the volcanic areas of the province of Naples. Mr. Hervé Lorin, an antiquarian of wines, defined it this way: “Perfectly original, totally forgotten and wonderfully decadent.

It is not only a great wine, but an authentic old fashioned Cru.” Colle Rotondella is produced with grapes from the Camaldoli Estate.

Technical product sheet

Grape variety | Piedirosso 100%

Production area | Camaldoli 230-300 m a.s.l

Soil | Predominantly sandy with tuffaceous matrix

Training system | bilateral guyot – Duble overturned

Yield | 60 quintals/ha

Harvest period | October

Harvest | manual


Technical prefermentation | singhtly long maceretion with delestage.

Fermentation | 1 weeks in stainless steel

Fermentation temperature | 22° – 26° C

Refining | 4 months on the lees in stainless steel and bottle

Alcohol content | 12% – 12.50%

Organoleptic characteristics

A clear and consistent wine, a ruby red color with violet hues. An intense nose, fine and complex, which presents fruity notes (red fruits such as currants and plums), mineral and floral (violet) as well as toasted and smoky notes typical and unmistakable of this grape variety. A dry, warm, and smooth palate.

Good tannins, fresh, and sapid. A balanced full-bodied wine with good persistence and intensity.

Tenuta Camaldoli, is located on the southern slope of the Camaldoli hill, and entirely contained in the municipality of Naples. The vineyard is mainly made up of Piedirosso grapes arranged on several terraces and covers about 3 hectares.
The topographic reference is 40°52’14” N latitude, 14°10’28” E longitude, with an altitude between 200 m and 290 m a.s.l.

The site features sloping topography regulated by a large south-facing banking up on a tuffaceous matrix (yellow Neapolitan Tufo 10,000- 15,000 years ago) in which overlapping layers of pyroclastic tied to the Phlegrean eruptions between 3500-5000 years ago.

The Piedirosso vineyard is thirty years old and is espaliered with a bilateral and double inverted guyot architecture. The rows tend to be oriented north-south with layouts of 2 m x 1.35 m and have a density of 3500 plants/hectare.

Colle Rotondella, our Campi Flegrei Dop Piedirosso and Tenuta Camaldoli Campi Flegrei Dop Piedirosso Riserva are produced from the grapes of this vineyard

The Piedirosso is a native Campania vine present in the region since time immemorial and with extensions lower only than Aglianico. It is known by the dialectal name “Per’ e palummo” which describes a morphological characteristic of the rachis which sees the pedicels of the grains colored red like those of a pigeon’s foot.


The vine is very vigorous, with medium-late ripening in the first 20 days of October. Yields are average to low, but constant. It is highly concentrated in sugars with medium acidity. It has medium-large sized, pyramid-shaped and loose bunches. The grains are medium-sized, spherical, with high concentrations of bloom on the thick purplish-red skin.


The vine also thrives on calcareous soils but finds its natural environment in those of volcanic origin in Campania.