The enchantment of the Astroni -Saturday 27 April 2024 at 10.00

On the occasion of the 2024 Oasis Days, the WWF Oasis State Nature Reserve “Cratere degli Astroni” and “Cantine Astroni” have decided to organize a double tour to show the nature, beauty and virtuous food and wine reality present in the “magical” Astroni Crater.

The Astroni volcanic crater, used in ancient times as a royal hunting reserve and during the Second World War as a military camp and weapons depot, has been a State Nature Reserve and WWF Oasis for over thirty years: together with the lands of the “Cantine Astroni ”, the Reserve represents a true cultural and natural heritage hidden within the Campi Flegrei.

A story that should be recognized and told more than ever.

For these reasons these two realities of the Phlegraean territory have decided to dedicate a special event to these hidden wonders. And why not do it right in the middle of spring, on the occasion of the 2024 Oasis Days?

A cultural and gastronomic event that will accompany visitors to discover the Astroni forest and the adjoining cellars with, in conclusion, a tasting of the wines obtained in the lands between the fire and the sea.

The tour includes: guided tour of the WWF Oasis of Astroni and visit to the Cantine degli Astroni with tasting.

  A double tour that begins with a guided tour of the Astroni Crater State Natural Reserve and continues in the cellar.

First part

  • 10.00 am: You will travel along the entire Bourbon path until you reach the bottom of the crater and then take the streets that will lead to the volcanic lakes and other natural works.

Guided visit to the WWF Oasis of the Astroni: the route will be carried out entirely on foot, for a linear length of approximately 2.5 km.

You will follow the entire Bourbon stairway path until you reach the bottom of the Crater: from there, you will take the middle path, with a small detour to the theater area in the woods, and then continue the visit reaching the hydrothermal site on the lake and the Cofaniello large, the other hidden treasures of the Reserve; in conclusion we will arrive at the Bourbon hunting lodge, the Vaccheria. With the last 700 meters of walking it will finally be possible to arrive at the shuttle station, which will carry out the ascent service to the entrance.

NB: the route involves differences in level and irregularities which are not suitable for people with reduced mobility. It is possible to access with dogs only if kept on a leash.

Second part

  • 12.00: Cantine Astroni, access to the cellar.

Guided tour of the vineyards of the “Cantine Astroni” where you can admire the crater seen from above. The visit continues in the wine rooms and in the cellar history. It ends with a tasting of three wines:

Astro – Falanghina Campi Flegrei Dop sparkling wine;

Colle Imperatrice – Campi Flegrei Dop Falanghina

Colle Rotondella – Campi Flegrei Dop Piedirosso

At the end of the tour, it will be possible to stop in the cellar with the possibility of an aperitif based on local finger food or lunch (for a fee)


• The event will have a price of €35 including view of the Astroni forest, view of the cellar, guided tasting of 3 wines and finger food and €48 € includes view of the Astroni forest, view of the cellar, guided tasting of 3 wines and lunch with first and second starter.

• For children aged 6 to 17 the cost of the complete event is €20, with lunch including a first and second course.

Cantine Astroni – via comune sartania, 48, Naples



Tel: 0815884182 – Cell: 3501690363



N.b. the event will take place with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 40 participants

The wine is meant by the glass

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