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Connection - Women, Wine & Territory - Thursday 9 September 2021 - Grand Hotel Serapide - Piedirosso

The appointments with the Women of Wine of Campania are back.

On 9 September we will talk about Piedirosso Campi Flegrei meets Piedirosso Vesuvio.
The tasting will be led by the deputy delegate Fosca Tortorelli.

Companies for tasting:

?? Colle Rotondella Campi Flegrei Piedirosso Dop 2019 - Cantine Astroni

??Vipt Piedirosso Vesuvio Dop 2020 - Cantine Olivella

??Piedirosso Campi Flegrei Dop 2019 - Marioportolano

??7 Moggi Piedirosso Vesuvio Bio 2019 - Sorrentino Vesuvio-Winery

?? Cost of tasting: € 20.00
The event will be held at the Grand Hotel Serapide starting at 19:00.

For info and reservations:
?? Cell: +39 331 8844094 Valentina Carputo, regional delegate

PilatesWine - Thursday 8 July 2021 - 6.00 pm - In collaboration with KymeTour and R48 Studio Pilates

By popular demand THURSDAY 8 JULY 6:00 pm second Yoga appointment in the vineyard, but with a little news!
YogaWine becomes PilatesWine!
Pilates lesson led by the masters of the R48 Pilates studio in the vineyards of Cantine Astroni, with musical accompaniment by Maestro Luca Valenziano.

All in the company of good wine and finger food! ??

Limited seats!

Info and Reservations +39 3357403085


Astro Wine tour - Friday 25 June 2021 at 20.00 - In collaboration with Visit Campi Flegrei & Stellaria

Visit Campi Flegrei, in collaboration with Stellarea, will take you on an experiential journey among the stars. A unique way to experience our territory, which will give you an exciting and emotional experience. A powerful telescope, set up by the Stellarea staff, will allow us to have the sensation of being able to touch the moon, planets and stars with our fingers. The lunar craters will be closer than ever, and their charm recalls the same as the Phlegraean surface: dotted with craters and volcanic lakes, a sign of its millenary history, our land merges perfectly with the sky creating a magical scenario.

Exclusive location of the Cantine Astroni event, where we will be welcomed for a fantastic wine tour, with a visit to the historic company of the Varchetta family.

The company was born in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields, between Naples and Pozzuoli on the external slopes of the Astroni crater. Once a Bourbon hunting reserve, it is now a WWF Italy natural oasis. In this unique corner of land, Cantine Astroni is committed to the enhancement and preservation of pre-phylloxeric indigenous vines (ungrafted): Falanghina and Piedirosso dei Campi Flegrei.

Start at 20.30 - End at 24.00

Astronomical terrace. Adults and children will be able to observe the wonders of the sky, through the instruments that the Stellaria staff will set up for the evening: all aimed at the Moon, the planets and the stars.

Guided technical tasting of 2 wines: Colle Imperatrice - Campi Flegrei Doc Falanghina Colle Rotondella - Campi Flegrei Doc Piedirosso Cold cuts platters

Membership fee for the evening 30 euros. Private parking available for guests

For info and reservations:
?? ?? 3208015037 - 3803675781
? WhatsApp 3475507420

In compliance with the new regional decree on COVID protection: The organization will provide hand sanitizer gel and respect for the safety distance between people.

Connection - Women, Wine and Territory - Thursday 17 June 2021 - Alma Beach Resort - Piedirosso Campi Flegrei Vs Vesuvio

Thursday 17 June, at ALMA BEACH the second appointment dedicated to the territory of the Phlegraean Fields and to Campano Wine by the Women of Campania Wine will be held.
This time the Piedirosso Campi Flegrei will challenge Vesuvius. Together with our Colle Rotondella there will be the wines of the companies: Cantine del Vesuvio, Mario Portolano, Sorrentino.

For contacts and reservations:
Mobile: + 39 331 8844094
Valentina Carputo, Campania delegate "The Women of Wine"



On Saturday 19 June and Sunday 20 June 2021 the #cantineaperte format, promoted by the Wine Tourism Movement, starts again.
Cantine Astroni will open a cycle of events related to painting, a different way to tell and experience wine through the eyes of Valentina Guerra, who will guide the participants in an emotional journey, made of imagination and creativity. The first focus will be on Falanghina to discover all the secrets of the most famous grape of Campania.

What to bring?
Just a lot of creativity!

The KIT for the drawing and for the PIC-NIC will be provided by Cantine Astroni.

Program of the day:
- 10:30 am: Reception;
- 11:00 am: Tales about the territory and the wines of the Phlegraean Fields;
- 11: 0 am: Aperitif in the vineyard with Astro Spumante di Falanghina and Finger Food;
- 12:00: Drawing technique with Valentina Guerra;
- 1.00 pm: Pic-Nic in the vineyard.

Cost for adults 55 €
Cost for children € 20

Minimum participants: 5
Maximum participants: 25

For info and reservations:
Tel: +39 0815884182
Cell: +39 3501690363

When booking, communicate any allergies and / or intolerances.
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Naples’ Volcanic Wines - Wine Spectator - Robert Camuto

The first morning I woke in western Naples’ Campi Flegrei area, the view from my hotel terrace seemed paradisiacal.
Looking down the verdant hillsides, I took in the late-summer panorama of the glistening Gulf of Naples framed by the islands Capri and Ischia.
Then I noticed the smell: A putrid odor of rotten eggs seemed to have crept in on the morning breeze.
I quickly learned from other guests that this was not the fault of bad plumbing or pollution, but is the natural calling card of one of Europe’s largest active volcanic zones.
The Campi Flegrei (or Phlegraean Fields) is one giant smoldering super-volcano, with dozens of craters spread over about 80 square miles—much of that within the densely populated city limits of Naples, one of Europe’s most historic and chaotic metropolises. In the nearby countrysides are craters that look like large mining pits, where fumaroles release potent-smelling sulfurous gas.
Talk about volcanic terroir! In recent years, volcanic soils have become a hot topic in wine. But aside from Sicily’s Mount Etna, many of these so-called volcanic places haven’t been active for thousands of years.
At the other end of the spectrum of activity, Campi Flegrei is in a class of its own.
“This is not like Etna where you look up and see the volcano. Here you live in the volcano,” declares Gerardo Vernazzaro, the 46-year-old winemaker at his family’s Cantine Degli Astroni winery, named after the spent crater—now covered in forest and turned into a nature reserve—that sprawls miles below its oldest vineyard.
Naturally, there is a kind of fatalism here. Predictions are that one day it will catastrophically all blow up again. The last big eruption here, nearly 500 years ago, created the 430-foot Monte Nuovo over one week, and that mountain has slowly grown in height over the last 50 years. The once-chic Roman resort of Baiae, where Julius Caesar had a getaway, sunk into the sea following a seismic shift after the fall of the Empire. It’s now an underwater archaeological park.
Perhaps because the earth moves so much here, Campi Flegrei wines—principally the light Piedirosso reds and the local version of the white variety Falanghina—tend to be drunk quickly and locally.
“The wines here were born with the concept of carpe diem,” says Vernazzaro. “The idea is: Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.”
Gerardo Vernazzaro checks out some of Cantine Degli Astroni's Piedirosso grapes as the family winery approaches harvest time.
Winemaker Gerardo Vernazzaro of Cantine Degli Astroni checks on the Piedirosso grapes, which handle hot summers well and are typically are harvested in October. (Robert Camuto)
Piedirosso makes some of the most appealing, easy-drinking reds I enjoyed this summer. Also known as Per e Palummo, Piedirosso is grown throughout Campania, including on Ischia island. Fresh, with low-to-moderate levels of alcohol (12 to 13.5 percent), the wines show red fruit and spice, becoming more savory and minerally as they evolve over time.
The image comes to mind of Gamay with a suntan.
Piedirosso—actually a family of related vines of different biotypes—is a late-ripening variety harvested in October that doesn’t seem to mind even record-breaking hot summers like 2022.
“Piedirosso is like we Neapolitans,” Vernazzaro says. “It likes the heat and sun.”
Astroni is in its fourth generation of farming here. Starting with the 2000 vintage, when Gerardo was finishing enology school up north, the family created a commercial label to market their wine. Astroni’s Piedirosso Campi Flegrei bottlings both come from the organically certified Camaldoli vineyard of volcanic sands and tuff stone. The Colle Rotondella bottling is fermented with native yeasts in stainless steel, and the Tenuta Camaldoli is made from a selection of grapes, from the vineyard’s best-exposed sections, that are fermented in cherry wood vats and aged in chestnut barrels.

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Colle Rotondella - Campi Flegrei Piedirosso dop 2021 - 91pts


Colle Imperatrice- Campi Flegrei Falanghina dop 2021 - 92pts


Tenuta Camaldoli- Campi Flegrei Piedirosso Riserva Dop 2017 - 93pts


Tenuta Jossa - Campi Flegrei Bianco dop 2020 - 93pts
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